Ocean Next took part in the DRAKKAR workshop in Grenoble, 21-23 Jan.

Laurent Brodeau presented the most recent updates on the design, status, and the first diagnostics of our ongoing multiyear long sensitivity twin experiment performed with a basin scale model at kilometric resolution. A simulation is now being performed with tidal motion and another without. One of the main scientific purpose of this twin experiment, which has mainly been designed in preparation for the upcoming SWOT satellite altimetry mission, is to assess the impact of the explicit representation of tides.

Recent updates on eNATL60

The model used, eNATL60, is a basin scale configuration of NEMO (Nucleus for European Modeling of the Ocean) that spans the North Atlantic from about 6°N up to the polar circle, and fully includes the Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Black Sea. The horizontal grid resolution is about 1/60° while the vertical dimension is discretized along 300 levels, for a complete computational domain of 10 billion points.

Check out Laurent’s presentation here

The DRAKKAR workshop is organized by our partner MEOM/IGE in Grenoble every year in january since many years. The aim of the workshop is to review the scientific and technical progresses achieved with the DRAKKAR hierarchy of model configurations based on the NEMO platform, identify strengths and weaknesses of these models, and discuss key model improvements and new developments that are needed for the future.