Ocean Next has participated in the starting meeting of the IMMERSE project.

Ocean Next is involved in the european project IMMERSE ...

New frontiers in operational oceanography

In the coming years, graduate students and young scientists will be challenged by many new observations (SWOT, Sentinel, AUVs, floats, etc.), complex high-resolution numerical models and data assimilation (high resolution, predictability, uncertainty, changing computing platforms, etc.), and the need to work on many scales (open ocean-shelf interactions, coupled ocean-ice-atmosphere,biogeochemistry, etc.). The latter school brought together senior experts and young researchers (pre- and post-doctorate) from across the world and exposed them to the latest research in oceanography, specifically how it will impact operational oceanography.

This book is a compilation of the lectures presented at the school and presents a summary of the current state-of-the-art in operational oceanography research.

You can access the chapters of the book in pdf from the GODAE Oceanview website (click here).